The FUNCTION Platform:

Gamified physical fitness and rehabilitation

The Problems Being Solved


Physical Fitness

Current digital solutions lack gamified, 3-dimensional, full body fitness.


Community fitness and in-clinic physical therapy appointments raise the risk of catching or transmitting COVID-19.  An in-home solution is needed to help lower community exposure, help save lives and help "flatten the curve" of the disease.

Physical Therapy

Up to 65% of physical therapy patients do not complete their home exercise programs as assigned.  This causes higher medical costs, slower patient outcomes, and decreased patient enjoyment of the rehab experience.


Our solution

The FUNCTION platform, a downloadable app for major VR headsets and future AR headsets and smart glasses.  Functional movement workouts and rehabilitation protocols (future), adaptable to all needs. 

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Outcomes via the FUNCTION platform

Physical FITNESS

  • Engaging casual gamer gamified fitness

  • Designed by a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy for full functional movement training for multiple health conditions

  • Adaptable to various users with a wide range of functional mobility impairments

physical therapy

  • Cost savings via fewer in-clinic appointments per episode of care

  • Faster patient outcomes

  • Higher patient satisfaction with the rehab experience

  • Higher patient compliance with assigned home exercises



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